Lemuria. In the spirit of Love and Oneness, we come home to the Motherland.


For eons, the Lemurian elders have been the keepers and guardians of the purest crystalline ascension frequencies of light. Delivered by heart-song of the ancient ones, these frequencies of Lemuria stream forth to the minds and hearts of humanity to assist the birthing of a new Golden Age.


Spiritual teachers, channelers, and artists, Tim Whild, Katie-Jane Wright, Sophia Shanti, Mia Kafkios, Aodaoin Hathaway, and Doni Amoris have co-created to anchor and to transmit five illuminating frequencies of Lemuria directly from the Source to you.


We have worked with the Lemurian consciousness, walked through the Golden Gates of Telos, connected with the Great Central Sun, the Lemurian seed crystals, the spirit of Mt. Shasta, and more to bring forth the blessings of Lemuria in a new and tangible way.


The five frequencies of Lemuria connect multiple timelines, providing the dedicated partitioner with clear guidance, positive energy, and activations towards realizing a life of greater joy and peace.


We have intimately anchored the five frequencies of Lemuria into wearable ascension chambers, which are worn to build our 5D bodies, to accelerate the remembering of our divine self, and to live life from our fullest soul potential.


Discover the exquisite Lemurian energy scarves of Divine Union, Light, Mother Dragon, Mermaid, and the Crystal Heart, and bring the consciousness of Oneness into your life and home.


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Together we rise, and a New Earth awaits.

We invite you to join us on this transformational journey!


With love and many blessings,

Doni, Mia, Aodaoin, Tim, Sophia and Katie-Jane

Mother Dragon of Lemuria

Soul Freedom, Magic, Purification


From the heart of the Universe, a purple ray of energy is transmitted by the great, ancient, timeless Mother Dragon of Lemuria. Amarac has seen the birth of this Universe and her wings of love carry the ancient starlight of Sadalsuud. Her divine dragon code of soul freedom connects us with the infinite potential of our true nature. We are called to step into our power as an aquarian luminary and earth guardian.


When you wear the Mother Dragon of Lemuria energy scarf, the Cosmic Mother’s spiritual womb embraces and elevates your light body and aligns you with your inner magic. The Mother Dragon’s purple flame purifies the upper chakras, allowing for a deeper Divine Connection. This transmission guides the sincere practitioner to experience gradually higher states of consciousness, preparing and building the 3D body for 5D ascension.


Encoded in this sacred veil of the Mother Dragon, you will receive Lemurian codes, the energy of sacred colors, and activations for your highest good. The golden dragon code, the purple flame, and the ancient starlight carry seeds of energy that will integrate and bloom in divine timing to support and uplift your life and spiritual journey.


The perfect union of divine energy, colors of sacred purple, golden yellow, and our sincere prayer awakens the energy matrix of the scarf.  May it be a portal that connects you with the blessings of the great Mother Dragon. The Dragon of Lemuria scarf is lovingly charged with a special Lemurian crystal from Mount Shasta and is activated by Doni Amoris and Aodaoin Hathaway to support your joy and spiritual journey.

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Recommended Practice


Sit in meditation, the Mother Dragon of Lemuria scarf wrapped around you. Focus on your breath, and visualize a radiant beam of purple energy descending from the cosmos above. This is the Divine Dragon energy of Amarac, the ancient Mother Dragon of Lemuria. Feel the warmth of her purple flame washing over you, purifying your upper chakras and aligning them in perfect harmony. As you breathe in, visualize this divine energy infusing your light body, elevating it to a higher vibrational state.


Feel yourself being gently embraced, protected, and nurtured by the cosmic energy. You are part of a larger, sacred whole, and are dearly loved. As you continue to breathe deeply, you begin to receive the Lemurian codes. Allow yourself to receive the golden dragon code and breathe into the energy of your infinite potential. Acknowledge the ancient starlight of Sadalsuud shimmering within you, connecting you with the wisdom of the ages. You are an Aquarian luminary, a guardian of the Earth. You carry within you the transformative power of the cosmos.


Envision the purple flame of the Mother Dragon blooming in your third eye chakra, in the center of your forehead. Feel it purify your mind and enhance your connection with the Divine. In the warmth of this flame, your light body is uplifted and activated for your highest good. From the Mother Dragon you receive now seeds of energy that will bloom in divine timing to support your ascension. Know that you carry this potent energy within you always, ready to blossom when the time is right.


Gently bring your attention back to your breath. When you're ready, slowly open your eyes, and go forth to carry the energy and wisdom of the Mother Dragon of Lemuria with you into your everyday life.

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Color Infusion Benefits


  •  Vitality builder
  •  Activates pineal gland
  • Increases intuitive powers
  •  Stimulates immune system 


This beautiful creation has been completely infused with blessings and high vibrational energies at every step of the way, and will continue to be blessed in the future as well.


  • Made with Love in Italy
  • 100% finest Italian silk
  • 138cm x 178cm
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Dry cleaning
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