We are living in a time on this planet where it is possible to be embodied light and to live a fulfilling and joyful life, without any of the sacrifice or pain of past cycles.

The Dragons are here to help support that transition and are delighted to offer their assistance to you if you are willing to take the leap into the magic. Dragon energy  is very similar in vibration to that of the Angelic realm, and although this is a powerful energy, it is also one that is full of love and peace.

Dragons can be a tremendous support for transformation and manifestation if you allow yourself to receive their help. Sometimes we need the most need assistance in simply getting out of our own way. We need to dissolve the patterns that have built up over the years. Once these are cleared, we are free to dance our magic and to shine our light out brightly and fiercely and joyfully. 

We just need a little help from our friends, in all dimensions, along the way.

It makes me sad that dragon energy has been so misrepresented in popular culture in the past. Different types of dragons often appear as greedy, violent, corrupt and beings to be feared, hoarding all things of value for themselves. They often represent power at its worst.

In truth, all of those representations are projections of the worst of what humans can become. It is humans who find it difficult to hold a true frequency of power within ourselves because the very perception of what power really is has been skewed for so long on this planet. 

Power is Love; Divine Source Love is the true Power. 

This is the frequency that Dragons actually hold in their beings -  a ferocious gentleness and a loving, uplifting frequency of true freedom and unlimited love. 

Over the last twenty to thirty years we’ve seen an enormous shift in perception in the human world. There are openings now that have not been available before, because we are in a new cycle of energy. And it is possible now to hold our light within our physical bodies and to be our magic in ways that have never been possible before. 

The Dragons can be a huge support with that, because although we often know consciously what is possible and what needs to change, we are not given the support we need in the ‘outside’ world, a world which is in absolute chaos right now. This chaos is necessary and natural, given that this is a time of transition, but it can make it challenging to feel secure enough to be different, to be light, to be magic. These are things which have not been safe to embody on this planet for a very long time, and our bodies remember this. 

However, our bodies also know that they were designed to hold our light and our magic.

We just forgot that along the way. So as we begin to remember, we find ourselves with companions along the path. Some will have human bodies, some fur, some wings…and some will exist in other dimensions but be equally present. 

With loving support from energy healer and teacher Aodaoin Hathaway, dragon energy and your dragon guides, you can hold this frequency too!

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