We are living in a time on this planet where it is possible to be embodied light and to live a fulfilling and joyful life, without any of the sacrifice or pain of past cycles.

The Dragons are here to help support that transition and are delighted to offer their assistance to you if you are willing to take the leap into the magic. Dragon energy  is very similar in vibration to that of the Angelic realm, and although this is a powerful energy, it is also one that is full of love and peace.

Dragons can be a tremendous support for transformation and manifestation if you allow yourself to receive their help. Sometimes we need the most need assistance in simply getting out of our own way. We need to dissolve the patterns that have built up over the years. Once these are cleared, we are free to dance our magic and to shine our light out brightly and fiercely and joyfully.

We just need a little help from our friends, in all dimensions, along the way.

It makes me sad that dragon energy has been so misrepresented in popular culture in the past. Different types of dragons often appear as greedy, violent, corrupt and beings to be feared, hoarding all things of value for themselves. They often represent power at its worst.

In truth, all of those representations are projections of the worst of what humans can become. It is humans who find it difficult to hold a true frequency of power within ourselves because the very perception of what power really is has been skewed for so long on this planet. 

Power is Love; Divine Source Love is the true Power. 

This is the frequency that Dragons actually hold in their beings -  a ferocious gentleness and a loving, uplifting frequency of true freedom and unlimited love. 

Over the last twenty to thirty years we’ve seen an enormous shift in perception in the human world. There are openings now that have not been available before, because we are in a new cycle of energy. And it is possible now to hold our light within our physical bodies and to be our magic in ways that have never been possible before. 

The Dragons can be a huge support with that, because although we often know consciously what is possible and what needs to change, we are not given the support we need in the ‘outside’ world, a world which is in absolute chaos right now. This chaos is necessary and natural, given that this is a time of transition, but it can make it challenging to feel secure enough to be different, to be light, to be magic. These are things which have not been safe to embody on this planet for a very long time, and our bodies remember this. 

However, our bodies also know that they were designed to hold our light and our magic.

We just forgot that along the way. So as we begin to remember, we find ourselves with companions along the path. Some will have human bodies, some fur, some wings…and some will exist in other dimensions but be equally present. 

So How Can I Work with the Dragons?


Dragons are among the most magical, high-frequency beings you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. They are electro-magnetic and multidimensional, and as such are not subject to quite the same dynamics as those of us with physical bodies! Because of this, and for many other reasons, Dragons and their healing power are beautiful to work with, as your guides and as companions, helping to expand your sense of what is possible, your consciousness, and your belief in your own inner magic and light. 

There are, however, some important things you should know about working with Dragon Energy before you begin.



I am always slightly amazed by the number of people that will ask “how can I get Dragons to do what I want?” Would you ever consider attempting to manipulate a friend in this way? Actually I suspect that some of the people who ask this question probably would, but most are coming from a genuine place of misunderstanding which is ego-based, and somewhat influenced by TV and literature where the humans generally wield Dragon Power as a weapon. On this planet, we have been taught for a long time that humans are the top of the pyramid,and that we must manipulate dragon energy in order to get what we want. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE. Humans are far from the top of any pyramid and energy manipulation of any kind is ultimately going to bite you in the bum.

So, we don’t “make” Dragons  do anything. ANYTHING. We do not demand, whine, stamp our feet, or lie on our backs and wail. Well, you can do those things. The Dragons will look at you with varying degrees of bafflement and amusement, and then move on. Instead, we ASK. We request their help and support with respect and reverence. And then we step back and let them get on with it. You would not ask a friend to come over and help with dinner while you have a few other urgent things to do and then sit in the kitchen peering over their shoulder pointing out exactly how you’d like them to do or not do the various tasks involved. (And if you did, would that friend be inclined to come back the next time they were asked?)



So RESPECT is key here. And it’s not just because Dragons are high-frequency multi-dimensional beings. You are also a high-frequency multi-dimensional being--you just happen to have chosen a physical experience. You are treating dragons with respect because respect and reverence are integral parts of any kind of energy work these days. This has not always been true in the past. And sadly, it’s not always the case now. There are practitioners out there who will subscribe to a different way of being. But Dragons simply won’t put up with that. They have no interest in working with anyone or anything who does not have integrity. They will not show up to support you in a healing meditation or anywhere else to support you under these conditions. Integrity shows up as honesty, respect and reverence, transformed by Divine Grace. This does not mean that you waft about on a sunbeam being holier-than-thou. It means you’re prepared to be honest with yourself about your requests and your motives for your requests. Are they coming from a place of integrity? Or is there a whiff of manipulation about them? And if you’re muttering “well, I added ‘for the highest good’ in there, so I’m sure it’s fine, reallllllllllly” -- take another look.

Why are you asking for help? Are you genuinely coming from a place of inner integrity and humility? Can you accept that maybe the help you’ll get this time will not be what you want, but might be what you need? Can you refrain from blaming and lashing out if this turns out  to be the case? 

I’m not trying to scare you away. I’m asking that you get very focused and clear on what it is you’re asking for support with. And sometimes the request can simply be “please help me get clear on what I most need support with right now.” 



The Dragons are not here to solve your problems for you. They are here to assist you in learning what you want to learn, and in helping you move into a different energy frequency while still in a physical body. They will not work for very long with someone who abdicates responsibility or likes to blame everyone but themselves for the situation they find themselves in. Dragons have very limited patience for victim-mode. If you’re working on moving yourself out of that victim-mode space, they’ll be happy to assist. If wallowing is occurring, you’ll be on your own in a puddle of your own misery as they wave a cheery (perhaps temporary, they do give us lots of chances) good-bye. 

Equally, they will not assist in harming others in any way at your behest. Even if you think those others “deserve” it. I get well-meant requests on a regular basis from people whose hearts are broken by certain situations, and they ask me to set the Dragons on those people who have lost their own inner light to the extent that they can inflict terrible cruelty on animals or children. It breaks my heart when I read these messages. But all I can ask is that the Dragons lend what assistance they can, whatever is appropriate to the situation, and suggest that the letter-writers contact people in this human world whose job it is to try to right these terrible wrongs. This is an extreme example. But in some way, we’ve all bought in, even a little bit, to the idea of this powerful mythical avenger who can wreak havoc on the wrongdoer and rescue the innocent. But the parameters of this world are not set up that way. You can absolutely ask the Dragons to help any given situation, but they will not harm other beings for you. If you are manipulating an energy being in this way, no matter how good your intentions, I assure you it is not a Dragon that is working with you, and I advise you to cease and desist immediately before things get really messy really fast for you. 

For those of you who are willing to take responsibility for yourselves, your thoughts, and your actions, the Dragons are willing and enormously helpful companions who will do all in their power to support you in expanding your consciousness and manifesting more dragon magic and light in your life.



This may sound basic or obvious, but firstly, you do want to make sure that you’re actually communicating with a Dragon and not something pretending to be a Dragon. You wouldn’t open your front door to someone you don’t know and immediately invite them into your house, would you? The same goes for working with energy guides. The more you work with the Dragon frequency the more attuned you will become to their energies, but if you are just starting out, then I suggest you use the following words: “I intend to connect with an unconditionally loving Dragon of the  highest frequency and light, who is willing to connect with me right now.” The energy you will feel around you is one of great love, lightness of being, and deep nurturing support. There will of course be other facets to it, but this is the fundamental Dragon energy. 

When you first start working with Dragons, give yourself some quiet time and space to be with them. As time goes on you can chat away wherever you are, but for the first while, sit quietly and sense the energy of the Dragon that is choosing to be with you. Don’t worry if you don’t feel much at the beginning. Just be in that comforting, gentle, loving energy. Dragon meditation is healing meditation. You might find it easier to connect with them when you are out in Nature. This can be as simple as sitting in your own garden or a local park. Or you might find they pop in when you are meditating or just sitting quietly. Experiment and play with it a little bit, to see what works best for you. There is no wrong way to do this as long as you keep respect, integrity and responsibility close at hand. Your mind might feel that you “should” be seeing colours, shapes, all kinds of things. You might see or hear things. But you might not. Focus on how it feels to you; how it feels to your heart. 

If you feel hesitant to start this work alone, you can get started by using a guided dragon meditation or transmission, or book a personal consultation with me.



Some people have just one Dragon that they work with consistently. I do find however that Dragons are a bit like cats. You rarely end up with just one. (Cats, by the way, love to work with Dragons.) So one often paves the way for much more than one!



The real question is, what can’t they help you with? (I mean, other than hurting other people/solving all your problems aspects.) Working with Dragon energy can enhance all aspects of your life and your being. There is no pattern or habit of behaviour that you might want to clear that they would consider too insignificant. And they will support you in the deep work, in the shadow times when you walk through all the old stuff, shedding layers and moving on in a cleaner, lighter way. They delight in the fun times, on the days when you are in joy about your life in this world, and you take the time to share that vibration with them. Too often we turn to these other beings only in time of need and distress, and forget that they love to share in our happy and joyful times too, and can in fact help to make them shine even brighter.

So, here’s some specific examples of practical aspects of life here that they can help with.



You could ask them to help to keep your energy field clear. You might also want to ask them to clear your home, the land around it, your place of work, your car…anywhere your physical body spends time. Understand that they will happily clear out any negative entities that have wandered in there without your permission. If you have given permission for a person/place/thing to be in your field, even if you’re not conscious of having done so, they can’t clear that out without you giving them express permission to do so. (Nor can they clear another person’s field without their permission.) But if your field is clear of the other gunk, you’ll find it much easier to see that stuff that’s not yours, but that you’re allowing to hang out in your field, and to take the necessary steps to deal with that. Again, with their full support. They can also clear your online spaces, if you have a business website or even just your personal social media accounts, you can ask them to clear any stagnant energy around those spaces too.


Dragons can help you to set appropriate boundaries in your life. We tend to think of boundaries in a somewhat defensive way, as a way of keeping undesirable energies out. That is what they do of course, but they also keep our own energy clean and clear and in our own appropriate space. We can be as guilty of blobbing our energy all over a situation as anyone else. It takes mindfulness and practice to ensure that we are maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries and the Dragons can help with that if you ask them. They will show you where you tend to let energies in that are not in your “highest and best” (what is optimal for you) and also where you let energy out, i.e. in your efforts to “fix” something or someone. It is then up to you to take the next steps of intending to shift that energy, but you’ll have a full support team with you on the way!


Dragon Power can be used help you with any aspect of your life you’re struggling with. They can’t take away the lessons you’ve set for yourself. But they can support you through the learning, and perhaps, if you’re open, they can show you a different way of receiving that learning so that it doesn’t need to be quite so in-your-face. And let’s be honest, 90% of our learning does not need to be so dramatic! 


Ah, the big question that so many beings on this planet have come here to experience. How can the Dragons help me be more abundant? They’re actually some of the best guides in this respect, because abundance in all its forms comes so easily to the Dragons. They literally embody that magical frequency of receiving and flow. And because so many of them are so deeply connected with this planet and the beings who live on her surface, they understand all the weird limitations we place on ourselves, accept and make real. So how can they best help you? By asking them to show you all the ways in which you have decided you are not an abundant being. This might be a limiting belief about money, a resistance to taking action because of fear, or any of about a million other reasons. But you need to see at least some of the main ways in which you’re choosing to hold yourself in place (and most of the time, these will be unconscious beliefs) before you can let them go. This is not about blaming yourself or anyone else. Everyone does the best they can, given their information at the time. What you need is better information. And the Dragons will not only help you with seeing the ways in which you sabotage yourself, but they’ll also give you a lot of support in making changes in your inner world so that you can see the manifestations of those changes in your life. 


This is actually my favourite one, and it also encompasses all of the above, because so much of that is wrapped up in getting to the point where you are living in your power. A lot has to drop before you can just be your magic. Most of the “work” is letting go of old stuff. And Dragons are so good at not hauling around extra baggage. Once you begin working with Dragon energy, alone or with the support of a healer, you really are committing to living in your power and being the light that you are in the world. This does not mean you have to quit your job and head off to the mountains to meditate (even if that is occasionally tempting), it’s all about being your unique frequency, your unique magic, and bringing that light into every aspect of your life, whether you’re at the supermarket, working in an office or out walking in nature. You do you as the saying goes.

So Dance with the Dragons and see where it takes you!

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