We each one of us have such beautiful gifts to share, our own unique magic. 

Aodaoin Hathaway

Hi, I'm Aodaoin Hathaway

Founder of Aodaoin Hathaway | Dances With Dragons

We are all here to embody our own unique light and magic, as fiercely and delightedly as we can. I’m here to support you in living that magic every day.

Our paths can be winding, they can be full of joy, they can sometimes be very challenging. I know this, I’ve lived it in this incarnation and others. But each step of this journey has brought me deeper into the embodying of my own power, light and magic, and now I’m here to support you in doing the same in your own way.

I’ve never loved the rules, the limits, and yet a part of me has also found some safety there, some solace in believing that maybe someone else has it all figured out, maybe someone else knows how it works here. But in so doing, my own space for growth got smaller, more limited. My magic diminished. And that is not what we’re here for at this time! We’re here to live boldly, bravely, and in alignment with our Divine Selves. So I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to live. I am here to show you what’s possible, to hold a space for you to step in to your power and your magic. Yours. Your unique Divine Light. To believe in yourself, to see yourself as I see you. Because part of my gift is to see ALL of your light, and to reflect it back to you until you can settle into it yourself and begin to fully embody it.

I live in Ireland, surrounded by nature, close to sacred sites, in a place that physically and energetically supports me and my beautiful family. I am mum, stepmum, wife, sister, daughter, friend. I am also Priestess, Seer, Cosmic Shaman and Wayshower, Dragon Friend, who has spent many years in this lifetime and others mastering a wide range of healing modalities. I enjoy a fully incarnated existence while being an awakening and ascending Divine being. I work daily with the Dragons and with the Divine Feminine, as well as the Angels, other Divine Beings and Cosmic Source energy, to maintain the highest frequency in my own sacred power. This gives me what I need to be present and whole, and to bring clarity and compassion to all the aspects of my current incarnation. I invite you to join me in living your magical life. I’ll be here to support you through the tough times, and to celebrate the joyful times. That is my passion, my light, my gift and my magic, and I offer it to you now—from my open heart to yours.

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