Welcome to the realm of Dragons and Dragon Magic! Here you will find a transformative healing space of empowerment, serenity and joy. I believe we are here to shine our magic out in this world and to embody our own light as fiercely and delightedly as we can. And I am here to support you in being that magic you came here to be.

I follow the ancient path of the mystic, and work only with Divine Source and pristine Dragon energies, to assist in manifesting abundance and freedom for those who choose to work with me, either one to one or in a group situation. We are now living in a time on this planet where it is possible to be embodied light and to live a fulfilling and joyful life, without any of the sacrifice or pain of past cycles. The Dragons are here to help support that transition, and are delighted to offer their assistance to you if you are willing to take the leap! 

The Dragons have gifted a variety of healing tools for this time of change and transition. Here you will find the opportunity to work 1:1 with your personal Dragons and to receive transformative energy downloads. I also offer unique, high-frequency vibrational essences and scented aura sprays co-created with the Dragons and the Elementals in Ireland. Please take the time to look around, and begin your journey into being the true magic that you are. 


Work With Aodaoin

Are you ready to see more magic in your life? Want to bring in transformation, joy and abundance? Then start exploring the world of Dragon Energy Healing. Aodaoin offers several types of 1:1 distance/remote healing sessions, and downloadable audio energy transmissions from the Dragons. 

Vibrational Essences & Aura Sprays

Find high-frequency vibrational essences co-created by Aodaoin with the Dragons and the Elementals to support you in transforming your life; Dragon Alchemy Bespoke Essences, as well as scented Aura & Room Sprays to create a sacred space in your home.