Enjoy some blessings from Aodaoin and the Dragons!


Here are some beautiful offerings for you to enjoy: some are gentle and uplifting meditations, others are longer energy transmissions from the Dragon Temple.


All files are in MP3 format. For optimal ease, we would suggest you use a browser other than Safari to download them.


Gifts of Abundance from the Dragons of Jupiter...


Enjoy a healing transmission from Aodaoin and the Dragons of Jupiter in this free Dragon Temple from January 2024. 

The Dragons of Jupiter are powerful, direct and benevolent Dragons who are here to support you in relaxing into the flows of abundance that surround you. Rest and receive in this magical space, and listen as often as you wish to this gift.


Energy Healing / Transmission, 50-minute approx, MP3 file


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A gift from the Air Dragons… 


Join Aodaoin and the Air Dragons in this special Dragon Temple to receive a clearing around any conscious or unconscious projections you may have about miracles, what they are and whether you are worthy of them.

This Dragon Temple includes a healing and blessing from the Air Dragons to enhance your ability to receive, allow and manifest miracles in your life.


Energy Transmission / Healing, 45 mins approx, MP3 file

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Let Yourself Receive Whatever Your Heart Is Most In Need Of... Right Now


This Dragon Heart Celebration creates a space of sanctuary and lightness, where you will be held in deep acceptance and peace, to receive a energy healing from the Divine Dragons. 

Expect to experience an hour of unconditional love and grace from this replay of a Dragon Temple gathering from February 2022!


Energy Transmission/Healing, 60 mins approx, MP3 file

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Activate Prosperity and Receiving with the Solar Dragons


A beautiful gift from the Solar Dragons to support you in activating and receiving prosperity frequencies. Enjoy!

This is a short 20-minute meditation, and is free to download in mp3 format. 


20 mins, MP3 file

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Dragon Support: Reset & Recharge


Let the Dragons to support you with this short meditation (not an energy transmission) when you need to re-align with your light.

15 mins approx, MP3 file

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