Welcome to Divine Dragon Energy Healing™, Level Two!


I cannot tell you how excited I am to be bringing this one through and to have you join me again in sacred circle space.

In this level of the Divine Dragon Energy Healing™, you will be learning about and working with three new frequencies: Dragon Gold, Dragon Magic and Dragon Power.

Dragon Gold is a frequency of receiving and manifesting abundance in all its forms, Dragon Magic is a frequency of alchemy and transformation, and Dragon Power is a frequency of spiritual power and light. To try to describe them in just these few words of course does them no justice, but I assure you that the light-weavings of these three frequencies are full of infinite possibilities and potentials when invoked with respect, love and humility.

Added to the original four frequencies, you will leave at the end of your time in this circle with some powerful energy tools at your disposal. It is the sincere hope of all in the Divine Dragon Realm that you will use them from a place of heart-led guidance, and that they will bless your life here and in other dimensions with ongoing miracles and magic.


What’s involved:

  • Accredited training runs for seven weeks, 2024 dates TBA
  • Attunement to three extremely high-vibrational frequencies: Dragon Gold, Dragon Magic, Dragon Power
  • Two weeks on each frequency exploring and practicing its uses in healing and daily applications
  • Seven weeks of training material, comprising of videos and downloadable PDFs, available each Monday
  • Seven 60-minute live calls (recordings available as always) where we’ll have community Q&A and sharing, as well as more exposure to each of the frequencies, and special transmissions from the Divine Dragons unique to this group of participants
  • Community forum where Aodaoin is also available to answer all of your questions 
  • Live Call dates and times TBA
  • Attunement to the Divine Dragon Energy Healing™, Level Two (Practitioner) frequency
  • Material available to you for up to six weeks after final attunement in order to complete the coursework


What’s required of you in order to receive your Practitioner Level certificate?

  • To have been certified at Foundation level: Divine Dragon Energy Healing™, Level One
  • Commitment to fully participating, i.e., spending 3 hours per week on training material, including personal practice (this is vital) and attending the live calls or watching the recordings.
  • Commitment to attending at least two of the first six calls and the final attunement call in person (live). If this is genuinely not possible for you, but you want to participate, please contact me to discuss before registering
  • Commitment to participating as much as you feel comfortable (even just a little!) on the weekly community forums or in the live calls
  • Commitment to completing your revision of the first four frequencies by the time we begin so we can dive straight in
  • Commitment to your self-care, boundaries and integrity, and respecting others who are doing the same
  • Final assessment, similar to what you completed for Level One, reflecting on your personal journey with the three new frequencies to be submitted by the required date
  • Three case studies, with three different people, to be completed after the final Level Two attunement and submitted by the required date. A template will be provided for you to fill out with the required information, and you may choose to work with other participants to exchange practice sessions.


This may all seem like a bit of a leap from Level One – and that’s because it is. These are three frequencies that hold significant power and light, and they do require a commitment from you. But it's a commitment that I know you're more than capable of giving. This is a journey of high-vibrational light and magic. It is an alchemical experience. Don’t short-change yourself by half-committing, instead please decide you’re all in, and then follow through on that. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I truly can’t wait to start with you!

I hope you’ll feel drawn to join us, and please know that if this is not the right time for you, we’ll be here again in the future, waiting to welcome you back into circle space with open arms, wings, and hearts.



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