I am Priestess, Mystic, Cosmic Wayshower and Seer. I see you as you truly are, and I embrace and welcome all aspects of your being. I see you.

I invite you to join me on this journey. I ask you to step in to your light, to your magic. Isn’t that what you came here for? I see you, all of you, all the potential, all the brilliance, current and future, that you hold. I see your magic. Let me support you in the awakening, in the seeing, in the deep knowing of it for yourself.

My many years of training in this lifetime and others mean that I hold a powerful and empowering healing space. If you are ready to embrace the shadow, let us alchemise the learning there into wisdom and grace. If you are ready to embrace the empowered wholeness of your light and magic, let us call in the alignment of expansion, freedom and joy, that you may create from there going forwards.

I have journeyed through all of these spaces, gathering wisdom, embodying power. I continue to dive deep and to fly high, as asked by my divine self, for the fullest, brightest embodiment of my light and my magic in this lifetime, in this dimension and many others.

I see you, beautiful heart. I welcome your presence. I invite you to join me in sacred space where we meet—light-holder to light-holder—with open hearts…and let the magic begin.

Waitlist for 1:1 Support


Aodaoin is not currently taking bookings for individual appointments. Please consider joining one of the group offerings available this summer.

If you are interested in receiving 1:1 support in the future, please complete the form below in full to join the waitlist.

Members of the waitlist will be the first to know when Aodaoin opens up her calendar again for 1:1 appointments later this year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Cosmic Wayshower Healing


A bespoke channelled healing for you, bringing through sacred transmissions through words, sounds, and energy

This is a deeply immersive and sacred process. From my space as Seer and Cosmic Wayshower, I will hold a powerful and loving space for your healing and for personal guidance and insights to occur both consciously and unconsciously.

This sacred journey consists of some combination of energy clearing and healing, channelled spoken guidance, and (occasionally) pattern breakers. The channelled guidance is received from Angels, Dragons, Ascended Masters, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, or other Universal Divine sources that I work with.

This is a powerfully transformative and protected space which always holds a high-frequency energy of pure light and love.

You are always welcomed and acknowledged as a fellow light-holder, one perhaps in need of respite, support, upliftment, activations of new templates or new frequencies for the empowered embodiment of your light and magic on this world. You may rest in silence and receive, nothing is asked of you other than your presence, and your commitment to the embodiment and expansion of your Divine Light.

Please note this is not a reading. Recording available upon request.

Duration: 70 - 90 minutes approx

Investment: €333


Divine Dragon Energy Healing™


Be held and supported in nourishing, sacred temple space

A Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ with me is a sacred space for a nurturing and empowering healing for you and for your dreams. I hold the frequencies of High Priestess, inviting in the high-vibrational energies of the Divine Dragons and the Divine Feminine, calling on the perfect aspects of light to weave a sacred container of healing and expansion for you.

This is where you can rest and let go. Rest and receive. Rest and allow all that you truly are, all the magic and light that you hold contained within, to become present to you. See yourself as the Divine Light that you are, and take that knowledge with you after our time together.

In this alchemical weaving, the process of transformation becomes clear, whether it is in the release of the old, the activating of the new, the remembering of ancient knowledge, the drawing in of your innate stellar wisdom—it all unfolds in perfect harmony with your Divine Light.

You are invited to rest comfortably and receive during the session as I hold the space in silence. We will share at the end of our time together around what occurred during your healing.

Duration: 60 - 70 minutes

Investment: €255 


Pattern Breaker


Choose to no longer be limited by your previous patterns, and set your power, light and magic free


This bespoke and unique offering is a powerful tool for transformation. You are invited to come to a sacred, protected space, and bring with you a core pattern that you recognise as limiting, frustrating, and no longer in alignment with your dreams and light. It is time for a shift in consciousness. You are ready to let go of this limitation and set a clear intention for a different flow of energy in this particular area of your life. You are worthy of living the life you dream of. And in your beautiful, courageous heart, you know that to be true. So let’s clear out those old beliefs, imprints, and thought forms, let’s dissolve the pattern that’s getting in your way, and let’s empower you to start living and embodying those dreams.


As you rest in silence, a powerful energetic technique is set in place for you, to break the pattern in your field, as well as all that attaches to it. It is a deep clearing on a fundamental level that resonates through your entire energy field. A complete reset occurs.

This is followed up by energy healing, so that you can move forward in the optimal way, feeling soothed, activated and aligned with your Divine Light.


Please note:

  • We work on one CORE pattern at a time, and we will spend some time in conversation beforehand to focus in on it. By focusing on specific core patterns individually, there is an opportunity for deep releases and resets to occur. Any core pattern that is dissolved will have a knock-on effect on other limiting beliefs you may be carrying.


  • Once the energetic imprint, charge and structure is removed, you will need to commit to your own follow-up process afterwards, through a conscious decision to evolve new habits and new thoughts around the areas that have been challenging you. We can discuss this and receive guidance around it during our session. The Pattern Breaker will make you far more aware of all those old thoughts and habits. You’ll find you have a new clarity on the daily habits that were based on that old default programming, and you’ll find it far easier to make an aligned shift to something that is much more reflective of your light, your joy and your beautiful heart.


Duration: 50 - 60 minutes

Investment: €255 


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