Thank you for being here, and considering inviting me to accompany you in some way on this part of your life’s journey.

I know what a big decision it is to get out of your comfort zone (even when it’s painful, it’s familiar, right?) and to take steps toward learning to live in your power, with purpose. Believe me, I’ve been at rock bottom. And every stage before rock bottom. I know how hard it is to feel that your choices are limited and you no longer recognise the person you’ve become. I know what it feels like to believe that you’ve lost all sight of who you truly are. But I also know what a difference it makes when someone reaches out a hand (or a wing or a claw!) and says, “I’m here. Let me support you through this. You’re well able to be all you dream of. I’m here to support you. Take this step.”

All personal energy healing sessions are by appointment, and are conducted as online sessions only via Instant Teleseminar (phone) or Zoom (video or phone).  You can assist your own transformation by committing to connect with me regularly and consistently. Read on to see the current Dragon Support offerings available to you!


What to expect from a personal consultation

Your time with me is unique and sacred to you and your life, and I honour it as such. We’ll discuss what are the challenges facing you at the moment, and what it is that you would most like some help and support with, either in clearing or in bringing in. And then the Dragons (and very often the energies of the Divine Feminine) come into work with me in supporting you in an optimal way. Longer-term clients have been able to release deeply-held beliefs and patterns and begin to live in a way they would never have thought possible. I never completely know how a session will unfold, but it is always transformative, always deeply supportive, and always a magical space where alchemy occurs.

I (and the Dragons, of course!) so look forward to connecting with you, supporting you and to any opportunity to bear witness to your magical, healing journey as you begin to shine your magic out into the world.
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“I’d totally recommend Dances With Dragons to others.  Before my session with Aodaoin I was feeling a little unsure on a couple of things with my business and was curious to see if there were any blocks. Aodaoin put me at ease … From the get-go, I could feel the strength of the Dragon’s energy which was powerful and lasted long after the call had been completed.  Aodaoin picked up several aspects that needed attention, gave me tips on what to do differently and allowed my Dragon to do her magic. After the session I felt at peace knowing I had spiritual and elemental support that I could call upon at any time. I’ll definitely will be booking another session as I totally loved it.  Thank you Aodaoin.”

Dragon Magic

A Dragon Magic Healing is a powerful energy healing that will support you in your quest or calling to live a joyful and creative life on this planet. It is a deeply transformative and nurturing process during which we will clear old patterns of behaviour or thinking in the energy bodies, and set new frequencies in their place that are optimal for your body, your hopes and dreams, and your joyful creations.

This is a 45-minute distance energy healing with the Dragons, and includes working with any Dragons that may be coming in to support you.

Fee €139

A Dragon Magic Package is also available.

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Dragon Alchemy: Support for Business & Career 

A Dragon Alchemy session is for you if you resonate yes with one (or more) of the below:

  • You’re ready to get real with the changes you want to see in your business or career
  • You’re tired of struggling or feeling stuck
  • You would like to change careers or start your own business or entrepreneurial venture
  • You have a hobby you would like to see morph into a way of supporting you creatively and financially
  • You’re an artist or writer feeling blocked right now

I will help you access the support of the Dragon that is coming in to help you in making these changes. We’ll dissolve old patterns, and prepare to bring in the new energies you need for this area of your life to transform. It’s a complete reset that will make way for you to manifest amazing changes in your life!

This is a 30-minute distance session with the Dragon that is coming in to support you for this process. It is not a healing, although it may have some elements of healing energy flowing through if needed.

Fee €109

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"If you ever wondered what it feels like to be in the presence of an angel--then I recommend a session with Aodaoin. Life-changing, empowering, nurturing, and so magical."

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“Aodaoin has a rare quality; truth is her essence. If given the opportunity she will open your heart to an amazing journey of love.  With Aodaoin's help I have found more peace, support, and wisdom. She has guided me to connect with my inner grace.”

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“Aodaoin works intuitively, gently , speaking her truth, guiding and healing with the aid of the dragons. The 1:1 sessions are excellent, supplemented by the essences.”

Other ways to work with dragon energy

If you’d like to get started working with these powerful energies, but you’re not quite ready or able to connect with me in a personal session, or you would like some additional support between sessions, consider choosing an offering from the Dragon Realm, a Dragon vibrational essence, or joining our Dragon Circle Group Mentoring program (coming soon!).

The Dragon Realm is filled with a dragon’s treasure trove of energy activations, downloadable dragon-guided meditations and  regular special offers.

The offerings here often change as the energies change. To make sure you don’t miss out, stay connected with me via Facebook, Instagram or the newsletter (if you’re on my list you’ll always be the first to know what’s coming up)!

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