I am Priestess, Mystic, Cosmic Wayshower and Seer. I see you as you truly are, and I embrace and welcome all aspects of your being. I see you.

I invite you to join me on this journey. I ask you to step in to your light, to your magic. Isn’t that what you came here for? I see you, all of you, all the potential, all the brilliance, current and future, that you hold. I see your magic. Let me support you in the awakening, in the seeing, in the deep knowing of it for yourself.

My many years of training in this lifetime and others mean that I hold a powerful and empowering healing space. If you are ready to embrace the shadow, let us alchemise the learning there into wisdom and grace. If you are ready to embrace the empowered wholeness of your light and magic, let us call in the alignment of expansion, freedom and joy, that you may create from there going forwards.

I have journeyed through all of these spaces, gathering wisdom, embodying power. I continue to dive deep and to fly high, as asked by my divine self, for the fullest, brightest embodiment of my light and my magic in this lifetime, in this dimension and many others.

I see you, beautiful heart. I welcome your presence. I invite you to join me in sacred space where we meet—light-holder to light-holder—with open hearts…and let the magic begin.

Limited Availability forĀ 1:1s


I am offering a limited number of stand-alone 1:1 sessions on a monthly basis.

Most of my current 1:1 availability is forĀ those who areĀ at a time in their lives where they are choosing to work deeply with me over a period of time. This is my preferred way of offering support. If this calls to you, please reach out using our contact form on the website or respond to one of the newsletters and I will be in touch.Ā 

However, I know this is not for everyone, and sometimes aĀ one-off session is preferred. Please use the link below to check offerings and availability. It is updated on a monthly basis.

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