Dances with Dragons Events 2020

Below are the scheduled events coming up at Dances with Dragons.

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March 2020


Dragon Flight

Business Support For You


Registration open now, and we begin on March 23! This will be 12 weeks of Dragon energetic support for you and your business, offered to a small group of entrepreneurs to enable transformation and ease to flow!

Meet the Dragons:

The Dragons of the Merlin

March 23 at 1pm GMT (30 mins, replay available)


Join us this month for a powerful energy download from the Dragons of the Merlin. We will still be in the Equinox window, and these Dragons will bring in the energies of the new, the magical, and the mystical which are of so much support to us in 2020. These ancient Dragons do not often work with groups, so this will be a very special transmission from them. Join us if you are drawn to the mystical potentials of our lives here, and see how they will support you in enhancing your own intuition and inner magic. 

April 2020


May 2020


Abundance Uplift with the Dragons of Gaia 2020

Work for five weeks with the Dragons of Gaia to supercharge your abundance! 

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