Magical Manifesting with the Dragons, 21-Day Program, Download now

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Magical Manifesting with the Dragons, 21-Day Program, Download now


Dragons are masters of manifestation (think of their long association with treasure hoards!) and are experts at honing in on the clarity and the balance needed to manifest from a place of joy, abundance and freedom. If this sounds like an energy you would like to see expanding in your own life, then download this magical manifesting journey! It doesn’t matter what it is you’d like to see more of in your life, it’s all about your vibration, your focus, and your ability to receive in divine timing. Being open to the energies of manifestation means you see more possibilities, opportunities and adventures in every day. You live differently. You live more magically. And the Dragons in these three energy healing transmissions are here to help and support you in this. 



There are three 20-minute audio energy transmissions. Begin with Activation 1, and listen daily for one week, then move on to Activation 2, listen daily for one week, and then Activation 3, listen daily for one week. You do not have to listen every day, but you will get the most out of them if you listen 5-7 times to each one before moving on to the next. After you have completed your three-week cycle with them, you may listen to them on an as-needed basis and not in order if you are not so inclined. 

You may wish to consider working with an essence from the Dragon Bright or Elementals ranges (or another of your choice) for the three weeks to support any shifts that are occurring.

This set of three powerful 20-minute audio activations will be available to download on purchase. 

*Please* be aware that:

1)   Due to the constraints of this website, they are available as a ZIP file only. 

2)   These are NOT meditations, they are energy healings. Please allow yourself some quiet time afterwards to integrate and do not listen while driving or doing something that requires you to be alert.


“The first one was my favourite, but had mind blowing experiences with each…The amount of light the sessions brought in was immense….[The joy of] Remembering who I am and my gifts. I had so many gifts I wasn't using. I think I've been afraid of success and keeping myself small…Overall it was epic, I loved the experience and I was ready for it.” CH


“The increased joy in my heart chakra.” LW


“I do think that it has been an aid in helping me to focus on what I should be doing instead of getting caught up with distractions….I always love the Dances with Dragons activations and these ones have been especially beneficial as well as enjoyable. I always look forward to 'my time' of the day when I listen to them and can't wait to see what will be coming next. Thank you Aodaoin and the beautiful Dragons.” PL


“The feeling of love, pure source love. I felt safe, connected, and totally loved…I have benefited so much from this, I have this inner knowing, and assuredness that whatever happens in my life, the dragons are always there with support and love. Thank you.” JB


“Amazing…How easy it was to work with the dragons, love their energy” S


“Definitely getting clearer on my soul’s path, not as confused with all the things I do. I manifested my wellbeing in my breath, smile, flow of life, re-connected, thank you Aodaoin and dragons.” AF


“I experienced intense happenings almost every time I listened to a recording - sometimes they were conscious, sometimes they happened in my sleep and every time I experienced a deep cleansing of old stuff landing at a deeper level each time.” RH



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