Joyful Boundaries with the Dragons

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Joyful Boundaries with the Dragons.png

Joyful Boundaries with the Dragons


Are you the go-to person when someone needs help? Do you find it hard to say no to other people even when you know it’s not going to end well for you? Do you often find yourself feeling exhausted, drained or headache-y after meeting friends, being at work, or just going out in the world? These are all signs that your energetic boundaries could do with some tuning up.
When we have healthy energetic boundaries, we take action from a much clearer space. We can recognise our own emotions, see when we need to adjust our lives in certain areas, and feel balanced and aligned in our own energy. This balance is essential to embodying our light, our magic, and manifesting it in our lives. 

Work with the Dragons’ support to begin to reset your energetic boundaries in a healthy and joyful way (be like a Dragon!) so that you can make the necessary adjustments in your life to be the magical being you truly are, without hauling a pile of baggage around with you!

*This 20-minute audio file is an energy healing activation that was originally part of the monthly package in May 2019.

Please read before purchase:

it is recommended that you commit to listening to this 20-minute activation daily for a week in order to see some real shifts occurring.

Remember that the audio file (activation) is a DRAGON ENERGY HEALING and it is  very likely that some things will come up to be released. Choose to support yourself in releasing whatever needs to go and you’re already setting new habits in place that will be enormously helpful for the rest of your current incarnation.

You will be shown the areas in your life where you’ve been sloppy with your boundaries (your own and other people’s), and it will be up to you to make the choice to vibrate differently. You may have challenging days, but you will also come out of it with a lot more information about yourself, your choices, and what you plan to do differently in your life. And you’ll be supported by your Dragon companions in all of this!

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