Welcome to the Dragon Temple


It is my joy and honour to welcome you to the sacred space that is the Dragon Temple. This is a place where all who enter are welcomed, blessed, uplifted, held and supported by the Dragons and their incredible divine frequencies.

These sacred monthly gatherings consist of a 60-minute live call where I hold space with a specific group of Dragons, bringing in energy healing, channelled transmissions, activations and downloads for the participants of each Dragon Temple circle.

Although it is a group gathering, the energy brought through for each participant is unique and supports your special gifts and magic in this world. You might be deeply familiar with the Dragon Realm or perhaps just beginning your journey with the Dragons, but all who come with an open heart to our online temple space are most welcome.

Please do join us for these monthly group gatherings which are available live online via Zoom, and as recordings for those who register but can't be there live.

Explore the events below to participate in upcoming Dragon Temple gatherings. 


February 7, 2023

March 8, 2023

More details to come soon!


You are always welcome to join us in the magic and light available here. 

A gift from the Air Dragons:

Let 2023 be a year of miracles… 


Join Aodaoin and the Air Dragons in this special Dragon Temple for January 2023 to receive a clearing around any conscious or unconscious projections you may have about miracles, what they are and whether you are worthy of them.

This Dragon Temple includes a healing and blessing from the Air Dragons to enhance your ability to receive, allow and manifest miracles in your life.


Energy Transmission / Healing, 45 mins approx, MP3 file

Receive Your Gift Now

Dragons of Lemuria: Bring Your Hidden Gifts to Light

February 7, 2023

The Dragons of Lemuria are joining us this month to support you in bringing your hidden gifts to light…


The new calendar year is starting to feel more settled in February, and it seems like the perfect time to welcome some old friends back to the Dragon Temple, and to delight in the offering they bring to us.

The Dragons of Lemuria are the gatekeepers and guardians of Lemuria. They hold ancient wisdom and grace from a time long ago… from a place still accessible to us in other dimensions… with a frequency that so many of us resonate with deeply… from a realm we visit in dream space that holds so much inspiration for us all.

It’s time to access those aspects of light that you’ve kept hidden even from yourself up to now. 2023 is a year of miracles – how can you deepen in to that energy even more? By allowing yourself to remember your gifts and begin to let them come to the surface.

There might have been many reasons up to now why you chose not to see these parts of yourself. And that’s ok. But this year… you’re ready. You are ready to let those parts of yourself be seen, even if it’s only by you right now.

There is no rush, no pressure, just an invitation to remember… to believe in yourself… to let yourself step into your life with a wider range of insights and inspirations…


Receive a transmission to remember your unique gifts, those hidden, powerful aspects of your light that are ready to  support your 2023 and beyond


The Dragons of Lemuria remind you that the remembering and bringing forth of any previously hidden gifts does not mean that you need to instantly implement or embody those aspects of your being. There is always a gentleness when working with these Dragons, a flow of optimal timing and energies, a loving space of gradual unfurling.

Let yourself be held in their energies, dissolve into the magical light of Lemuria, and re-emerge joyfully knowing you are now consciously holding more of your light. And that can only be a blessing as you continue into 2023, for yourself and for us all.


Consider joining us on February 7 to receive a gentle and powerful transmission for:

  • a soothing clearing and healing of any fear or overwhelm you may hold about seeing the vast array of your gifts
  • an invitation to step safely into a space of remembering
  • a loving activation of the conscious embodiment of your unique gifts
  • a supportive integration of that knowing so that you may begin to receive intuitive guidance around what light you are embodying



Please do join us if this feels right to your heart, you will be so welcome. 

Click on the image below to register and receive all the details. 


Dragons of Lemuria: Bring Your Hidden Gifts to Light

February 7, 2023

1pm Irish time (45-60 mins)

Recording available within 24 hours for those who register if you can't attend live. 

Connect with Your Dragon

Next Date TBA

Join us for a special group gathering in the Dragon Temple, where you can meet your Dragon guide or connect more deeply and cleanly with a Dragon that's been coming in to your awareness! Click on the image below for more details. 

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