A new incarnation of Dances With Dragons bespoke essences! 

The Dragon Alchemy bespoke essence is a powerful healing tool from the Dragons, and is co-created with your personal Dragon guardian, or a Dragon that is coming through to support you. It is a very focused, pristine energy, bringing in the perfect frequencies for your being at this particular time. It can be used for transformation or support, for creating new possibilities in your being, for joy, freedom and light. The Dragon Alchemy bespoke essences are perfect for this year of transformation and co-creation, and are a delightful way to easily bring the Dragon energy into your daily life. In addition to your essence, you will also receive a short channelled message from your Dragon included with your purchase. 

This bespoke essence is designed to be used within six weeks of receipt. For those wishing to work more deeply on particular issues, there is an option for a set of three bespoke essences available (at a reduced rate), which are designed to be used over the course of three months.