Receive Attunements to four main Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ frequencies which you can use for practical daily applications, self-healing or healing for others


The internationally accredited Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ system has been brought through by Aodaoin Hathaway and the Divine Dragon Council of Light, in order to further support the ascension and evolution of those currently incarnated on Gaia, and Gaia herself.



This Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ Level 1 offers you pristine, high-vibrational frequencies and practical protocols: a true Dragon alchemy of shimmering magic and earthed, heart-loving embodiment.  


This is for you if…

  • You love Dragons and Dragon energy and want to work with them on a deep energetic level for personal transformation, even if you have no previous experience with energy healing, or aren't intending on "using" this professionally
  • You want to receive practical energetic tools that can be applied to uplift and enhance your daily life
  • You enjoy energy modalities which hold a pure vibrational energy but are also earthed in practical uses, whether you are a practitioner or not
  • You are an energy healer who’s curious about this new high-frequency modality and would like to add this to your own repertoire of energy healing techniques
  • You’re a complete beginner to energy healing but feel drawn to the Dragons
  • You’re committed to your personal evolution and would love to offer collaborative healing earth-work to Gaia as a part of your journey (hint, your fellow-collaborators are Dragons)
  • You just know this will be a beautiful part of your own earth journey for this incarnation


"Wow what a wonderful journey I've been on with this program…. I thoroughly enjoyed the first level of this amazing program and can’t wait to start the next level of Dragon work!"

~M. B.


I am delighted to now be offering Level 1: the foundation-level energy-healing training with the Divine Dragons. It would be such a joy to have those of you who are called to join us to begin sharing more widely this high-frequency energy modality!

The Divine Dragon Healing Realm is where I have spent many aeons in learning and practice, and I’ve been fortunate to bring through these gifts and knowledge to my current incarnation. The practice of these extremely high-frequency energy techniques has brought such magic and alchemy into my own life, something I am constantly in awe of and grateful for, and I am truly so happy to be able to share them with you now. 


What this program can do for you:

Some of what I will share with you during our time together will be direct powerful transmissions from this Divine Dragon lineage. Some will be my own practical and occasionally experimental (!) uses from my current lifetime, all of which have received the seal of approval for sharing.

Let’s be honest, we’re spiritual beings here on a physical world, and we sometimes need some support with that. Teleportation protocols are sadly not yet available as a part of our existence, but we can all access and practice some pure, high-vibrational, earthed techniques—in collaboration with some powerful Divine allies. 


Through this program we hope to guide you to feel supported and nourished in all aspects of your life.


Together we will:

  • Create protected psychic and physical space

  • Clear your own energy and that of your home

  • Access heart healing and inner peace


This training and the subsequent Practitioner level (Level 2) are fully accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). Working with me, and with the Dragons, does require a degree of self-discipline, self-reflection, and self-awareness. We’re absolutely here to offer as much support as we can, but we can’t do the work for you. The level of high-frequency energies involved in this training, even at Level 1, requires a dedication to your light and your magic, and you will know in your heart if this is calling to you right now as part of your journey. Listen to that heart magic if so, and know that you'll be guided and supported to find the time, the space, and the inner quiet to gift yourself this Dragon time.


What’s involved?

Overview of material:

  • Connection with your main Divine Dragon Healing™ guide and with the energy of the Divine Dragon Realm
  • Attunement to four main Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ frequencies which you can use for self-healing or healing for others
  • Protocols and practical daily uses for each of these four frequencies
  • Protocols for self-healing and healing for others
  • Attunement to the Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ lineage at the Level 1 (Foundation) frequency


Technical details you might like to know in advance: 

  • This is a seven-week online programme, running from September 11, 2023 to October 27, 2023
  • Training material is accessible weekly on the website  
  • In our (optional) community forum, you can receive personal responses from me to your questions and sharing, as well as connection with other members of the group
  • There are five live calls for extra healing transmissions for the group, scheduled during the training. Recordings will be available to you for the first four calls, the final lineage attunement call must be attended live if at all possible (if it's not possible, please be in touch with Aodaoin)
  • Call details (all times given for Ireland IST/DST, please check your time zone):
    Thursday, Sept 21, 12:30pm
    Thursday, Sept 28, 9:30am
    Thursday, Oct 5, 12:30pm
    Thursday, Oct 12, 9:30am
    Tuesday, Oct 25, 12:30pm
  • Total time required from participants each week, including the calls: 2-2.5 hours
  • Completion of required modules and final assessment are required to receive Level One (Foundation) certification 
  • Access to all material until November 17, 2023 so you have time to catch up if you miss out on a week
  • Energy exchange for this training is €588 and payment plans available 


From the moment you register, you are held within the energy field of this training, so please don't be surprised if you begin to see some shifts in your life within the next few weeks, as the Divine Dragon Council and I are already holding a space for blessings and healing to flow in on a daily basis. 




   Choose your plan below to join us!


May you be held in Divine Grace always. 



What past students are saying about their experience with this program...


"I have loved this experience, it has been so wonderful and life changing, my practice and connection with the dragons has deepened so much through this course and I feel it will continue to." ~S. A.


"Wow. Brilliant. Just brilliant! … This whole process has been engaging, challenging, supportive, and expansive. … A wonderful and multidimensional experience overall. I am an expanded and more joyful being after integrating this course." ~R.G.

Yes, I'm ready to join this Dragon adventure!

I have really enjoyed this training, though it feels more like a journey to me. It has very much been a time of seeing and feeling more of myself and who I am. This has been such a beautiful experience for me and it has helped me to feel much calmer and more centred in my daily life.

~A. S.

I have thoroughly loved Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ Level One…I have felt that this has been a very powerful and yet gentle way to work with the dragons and appreciate this approach.

~K. S.

Probably the most significant part of the Divine Dragon Healing experience is that I am changed, I will never be the same again, I am in a different place from where I was at the start of the course. I have the Dragons with me now and know that I am loved, held and supported. 

~J. S.

I have been able to deepen my relationship with the dragons, and felt the attunments during each one. I have felt called to work with dragons for healing, and while I have been remembering my connection to the dragon realm, this has really giving me the confidence, attunement and tools to utilize them more, and include them in the work I will doing … It has awakened my passion and courage to really step out into the next level of my being, and stepping out of my cage with JOY to fulfill my divine purpose.

~C. P.

I found the attunements all to be extremly powerful yet beautifully uplifting at the same time ... With the weekly practices, each energy began to grow more powerful as I relaxed into them … I feel emotionally more settled, a great deal happier and am really beginning to not only enjoy the now, but look forward to the future. I have a vibrancy about me that others have noticed and find that I am smiling more often.

~S. W. 



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