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The Divine Dragon Healing Realm is where I have spent many aeons in learning and practice, and I’ve been fortunate to bring through these gifts and knowledge to my current incarnation. The practice of these extremely high-frequency energy techniques has brought such magic and alchemy into my own life, something I am constantly in awe of and grateful for, and I am truly so happy to be able to share them with you now. 

Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ is a high-frequency energy healing modality from the Divine Dragon Realm. This is the domain of a group of Dragons—within the wider Dragon Realm—who have offered their service to the healing and transformation of light-holders in all dimensions.

This modality has been brought through at the current time by me and my Divine Dragon Council for the wider support and uplift of those drawn to receive healing sessions or the lineage attunements, in order to further spread these beautiful frequencies throughout Gaia.

This energy-healing modality is one that flows directly from Divine Source to the Divine Dragons, and therefore is truly a high-vibrational energy. Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ is a fully accredited modality by the IICT. 

Be held and supported in nourishing, sacred temple space

A Divine Dragon Energy Healing™ with me is a sacred space for a nurturing and empowering healing for you and for your dreams. I hold the frequencies of High Priestess, inviting in the high-vibrational energies of the Divine Dragons and the Divine Feminine, calling on the perfect aspects of light to weave a sacred container of healing and expansion for you.

This is where you can rest and let go. Rest and receive. Rest and allow all that you truly are, all the magic and light that you hold contained within, to become present to you. See yourself as the Divine Light that you are, and take that knowledge with you after our time together.

In this alchemical weaving, the process of transformation becomes clear, whether it is in the release of the old, the activating of the new, the remembering of ancient knowledge, the drawing in of your innate stellar wisdom—it all unfolds in perfect harmony with your Divine Light.

You are invited to rest comfortably and receive during the session as I hold the space in silence. We will share at the end of our time together around what occurred during your healing. All sessions conducted remotely via Zoom. 

Duration: 60 - 70 minutes

Investment: €255


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