Working with the Dragon Realm

The range of personal Dragon Realm energy offerings available from Aodaoin and Dances With Dragons is constantly evolving, as the energies change. If you wish to hear about new offerings, please sign up for the newsletter. 

All 1:1 sessions are by appointment, and are distance sessions only. Please check Aodaoin's calendar and if you cannot find a time that works for you, please email Aodaoin before booking to see if you can find a mutually convenient time, as she often has different times during the week that may work for you.

The Dragons' Circle is a monthly offering from Dances With Dragons, comprising of group energy activations and downloadable meditations with the Dragons.

The Dragons and Aodaoin look forward to supporting you in this exciting time on our planet!


Dragon Magic: Energy Healing With the Dragons

€125 now €94, until January 31, 2019

Dragon Magic Healing is a powerful energy healing that supports you in living a joyful and creative life on this planet by stepping into and embodying the light and magic that you are. 

It is a deeply transformative and nurturing process which clears old patterns of behaviour or thinking in the energy bodies, and sets new frequencies in their place that are optimal for your body, your hopes and dreams, and your joyful creations. We are now living in a time on this planet where it is possible to be embodied light and to live a fulfilling and joyful life, without any of the sacrifice or pain of past cycles. The Dragons are here to help support that transition, and are delighted to offer their assistance to you if you are willing to take the leap into the magic. Dragon energy is very similar in vibration to that of the Angelic realm, and although this is a powerful energy, it is also one that is full of love and peace.

This is a 45-minute distance energy healing with the Dragons that Aodaoin works with and any Dragons that may be coming in to support you at this time. It is available via Instant Teleseminar (phone). 


Connect With Your Dragon

€77 now €57 until January 31, 2019

Do you want to have a deeper connection with the Dragon that has flown in to support you at this time? Are you interested to know what gifts this Dragon has to share with you? Do you keep second-guessing the information you are being given already, or find it hard to get out of your own way to connect? Then this offering is for you. This is not a healing or a reading, though it may contain elements of both. It is the facilitation of communication between you and your Dragon guide, and the strengthening of the connection between you from your side (Dragons already have it covered on theirs!). 

This is a 30-minute distance session, and is available via Instant Teleseminar (phone)


Dragon Alchemy: Support for Business & Career

 €94 until January 31, 2019

Are you ready to get real with the changes you want to see in your business or career? Tired of struggling or feeling stuck? Are you hoping to move from one career to another, open your own business, or see a hobby morph into a way of supporting you creatively and financially? Are you an artist or writer feeling blocked right now? Then it’s time for some Dragon Alchemy! 

Access the support of the Dragon that is coming in to help you in making changes, dissolving old patterns, and bringing in the new. Reset now for a strong start to 2019!

This is a 45-minute distance session with the Dragon that is coming in to support you for this process, and is available via Instant Teleseminar (phone). It is not a healing, though it may have some elements of healing energy flowing through if needed.