Connect with Your Dragon

Group Gathering

May 23, 2023

Would you like to meet your Dragon guardian or connect more deeply with a Dragon who has made its presence known to you?


Would you like to do this in an energetically safe and protected space, where you can be sure that the guide you are meeting is a true and loving Dragon? If so, come join us for a special gathering…


My Dragon Light Council and I are holding a group session in sacred space where we will support participants in connecting with their own Dragon guides.


It’s very important when we begin to connect with new spiritual beings that we use discernment and be absolutely sure that these beings are who they say they are. I’ve seen many examples over my years of working with clients where certain beings are masquerading as Dragons in order to gain access to someone's energy, especially with the rise of interest in and awareness of the Dragon realm over the past few years. 


Working with true Dragon energy—one of the most loving and light-filled frequencies available—is a journey of delight, adventure and expansion. Dragons are here to support us in our current incarnation in Gaia, to live our best and most fulfilling lives as we offer our light and service to the world in many unique ways. 


So I invite you to join us for this special gathering where you will:

  • Be held in an absolutely sacred, protected and shielded space where only true Dragons will be allowed access
  • Hear some Dragon wisdom and guidance unique to this group of participants
  • Receive the energetic support and guidance you need to feel confident to connect with your Dragon guide
  • Be held in a space of clarity and unconditional love so that you can establish a clean, strong, grace-filled connection with your Dragon guide, which will support your future connections outside of this particular sacred space
  • Receive a special Divine Dragon energy healing from me and my Dragon Light Council


A recording will be available for those who register, so even if you can't be there live, you will be included in the gathering. I will have a list of all participants and will ensure you are included in the protection and energetics. Plus, you can then re-listen and re-connect as often as you wish!


Whether you’re completely new to the world of Dragons or have been drawn to these beautiful beings for some time, you’re invited to join us. We simply ask that you come with an open heart and mind, and with the loving intention of connection to the Dragon realm.



Connect with Your Dragon

May 23, 2023,
12:30pm Ireland
75-90 minutes


Places are limited, this is a very special personalised Dragon experience.

This is the only time this event will be offered in 2023.


Click on the image below to register.

Recording available within 24 hours to all participants.  

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