Abundance Uplift

with the Dragons of Gaia

Adjust your “receiving” frequencies and supercharge your abundance!


Did you know that one of the main factors in struggling with abundance is blocks and patterns around what it is to receive?

It’s not just about what you’re putting out there as dreams and intentions, it’s your ability to allow those amazing changes IN when they arrive in your life (or to even SEE them waving madly at you, jumping up and down, trying to get your attention!). The Dragons and I are here with Abundance Uplift to help you to completely change your perceptions around receiving so that you can feel empowered, joyful and uplifted about your manifesting and abundance abilities! 

Isn’t it time that you lived a life that flows from a place of abundance and trust, rather than lack and stress?

So is this you?

  • Do you feel like you’ve already done a lot of work around attracting greater abundance in various areas of your life but you’re frustrated by not seeing the results you’d like manifesting? 
  • Are you ready to receive but aren’t quite sure how to shift your focus, and instead find yourself in overwhelm and default habits?
  •  Are you aware that on some level you’re blocking yourself unconsciously from receiving, and feel angry, ashamed and constricted by your perceived inability to change? 
  • Are you ready to experience a significant uplift of abundance in your life? Would you like to experience abundance as a flow of grace, light and joy, the way that Dragons, Angels and other elemental beings (and some humans!) experience it?
  • Would you like to be held in a space of nurture, nourishment, and deep peace around RECEIVING this energy of abundance, so that you too can hold that frequency of uplift, expansion and joy in your own life, knowing that you’re taken care of and experience abundance on a daily basis? 

Yes? Then I invite you to…

Join me, the Dragons of Gaia and the Elemental Dragons (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) for a self-paced, five-week journey into Abundance Uplift, a Dragon-supported space of transformation and magic! These Dragons have a unique perspective in the Dragon world because they have spent time on our beautiful planet. They have an understanding of what it is to be a multi-dimensional being in a physical body, and how to manifest in a physical life. They’ve been an enormous support to me and to others that I’ve worked with, and it’s my honour to share their energy with you now. Whether you’ve worked with Dragon energy before or are completely new to these wonderful beings, Abundance Uplift with the Dragons of Gaia meets you where you are and nourishes the unique light and magic that you hold, and all the possibilities that are available to you for more receiving of abundance, light and magic in your life!

“I really enjoyed the Abundance Uplift program so much! I think it is life-changing and am planning on repeating it.” P.A.

“Abundance Uplift was AMAZING. I loved connecting with the dragons each week and I saw huge changes in my circumstances. Thank you!” J.P.

Yes, I'm ready for my Abundance Uplift!

What’s involved?

We’ll dive into your limiting beliefs with the Water Dragons, cleanse and clear those limitations with the Fire Dragons, float joyfully with the lightness of new ideas and perceptions with the Air Dragons, and bring forth the new into abundant and radiant being with the Earth Dragons. All of this will be overseen and supported by the Dragons of Gaia, the luminous guardian dragons of light, who are here throughout your journey to nourish and supercharge your Abundance Uplift adventure. 

As soon as you register, you'll receive immediate access to Module One with the Water Dragons. Then each week after your initial sign-up date, you’ll receive access to the following modules, containing supportive course materials with guidance and direct transmissions from the different Dragons (Fire, Air, Earth, Gaia) for five weeks in total. These modules are designed to help you laser in on where you’re struggling and, more importantly, to release these blocks. We are all ready for a more abundant life on this planet.

Aren’t you ready to just be done with all this old ‘stuff’ and do something different, more interesting and exciting than worrying?

You can go at your own pace with the course, though it's best to try to move with the weekly prompts. However, if life intervenes, all of the material will be available to you to access whenever you log in so that you can work through them at your own pace or go over them again at any time.

And as an added extra, you'll receive a FREE gift of one of the best-selling DWD energy meditations: Financial Flow with the Dragons when you sign up (to be found in the Welcome area of the course. Because even though abundance is about more than finances, money is a lovely energy to feel supported by!

All of this is yours for only €147 (value €497), an amazing offer for the transformation it supports. If you'd like to avail of a payment plan option, that is also available to you. 

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“Aodaoin has a unique, particular and special connection to the beings of light — coming through as beautifully compassionate dragons — that allows her to pierce the veils of egoic confusion and diffusion to assist her clients with focused insights, loving guidance, and patient support direct from Spirit. The sacred space she holds facilitates her clients to experience healing, transformation, and inrushings of light-love in safety and without judgement, both in her 1-to-1 sessions and her group work.” –J.B.

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“I found Dances with Dragons when I was looking for more energy support around guides and asking and allowing for more help to come in to really support me in my day to day life. I just love your activations. The space you co-create is very deep, clear, safe and balanced. This allows for my lower levels, confusion, exhaustion, patterns to be soothed into allowing my higher levels and guidance to come through and really assist me to assist myself. I would totally recommend unconditionally.” —V.

Ready to join the Dragons?

You can pay in full now or avail of a payment plan!

Abundance Uplift

€147,00 EUR
Abundance Uplift Payment Plan

2 monthly payments of €79,00 EUR


“I would recommend the dragon transmissions as so much comes through and it’s such powerful healing. ... The dragon transmissions and  meditations are amazing and I truly feel dragons surrounding & supporting me.”—P.

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