Aodaoin Hathaway is the founder and creator of Dances With Dragons, and lives in Co Limerick, Ireland. She is an intuitive healer and mystic, has over twenty years of training in various healing modalities, and is accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association.

“I have always had a deep connection with Dragons. Dragons are magical, courageous and brilliant, and are a continuous source of inspiration and support to me. I believe we are all here to embody our own unique light and magic, and while there are many ways to do this, for me it has always been through Dragon Energy. This is a frequency I hold strongly in my own being, and one which it took me a little while to go ‘public’ with, but now that I have, I fully embrace the Dragon Lady within!

It was important to me in my business to offer different methods of connecting with the Dragons, and so this is how the various strands of Dances With Dragons came into being. Some people want a full 1:1 session, others might prefer the audio downloads that they can listen to in their own time, or to use the vibrational essences or sprays. There is not just one way to access Dragon Magic. Each person will have their own way of doing it. What I offer is the support and the tools to help you along the way. 

Dragons can be a tremendous support for transformation and manifestation if you allow yourself to receive their help. Sometimes, what we most need is assistance in getting out of our own way, in dissolving all the patterns that have built up over the years. Once that is cleared, we are all free to dance our magic, to be our light, to shine out brightly and fiercely and joyfully. That is my vision for this planet. A world where beings can be their light, and manifest their joy in their lives. So, I invite you, join the dance here with the Dragons, and see where it takes you!”