About Aodaoin

We are all here to embody our own unique light and magic, as fiercely and delightedly as we can. While there are many ways to do this, for me it has always been through Dragon Energy.

I hold this frequency strongly in my own being. It took me a while to go ‘public’ , but now that I have, I fully embrace the ‘Dragon Lady’ within! Although I much prefer the feeling that ‘Dragon High Priestess’ evokes, and I think the Dragons agree!

I live in Co. Limerick, Ireland, surrounded by nature, in a place that physically and energetically supports my own journey. I continue to work deeply with the Dragons and with Source energy to maintain the highest frequency in my own sacred power. This in turn gives me what I need to be present and whole and to bring clarity and compassion to my work  with other women.

I follow the ancient path of the mystic and work only with the pristine Divine Feminine and Dragon energies to assist in manifesting abundance and freedom for those who choose to work with me. I am also accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association, and have been co-creating essences with the Dragons and the land elementals for over five years.

It is important to me to offer you different methods of connecting with the Dragons, so this is how the various strands of Dances With Dragons have evolved. There is not just one path to access the power of dragon energy and working with the Divine Feminine. I invite you to have a look around and stop wherever you’re called.

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My vision is a world where all beings can be their light, and manifest their joy. The Dragons are here to help support that transition, and are delighted to offer their assistance to you if you are willing to take the leap! 

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I found Dances with Dragons when I was looking for more energy support around guides and asking and allowing for more help to come in to really support me in my day to day life. I just love your activations. The space you co-create is very deep clear safe and balanced. This allows for my lower levels, confusion, exhaustion, patterns to be soothed into allowing my higher levels and guidance to come through and really assist me to assist myself. I would totally recommend unconditionally. The classes and the guided journeys are deeply nourishing and supportive and quite practical.

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I have felt loved and supported since my first purchase. It makes me feel comfort and a sense of relief sometimes. Aodaoin’s kind heart overflows and that is a blessing to me in a world that is sometimes unkind. I would recommend working with Aodaoin to anyone… Aodaoin’s kind heart and high vibration is why I would recommend her  (that and the palpable dragon energy!)

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